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Will you be in Stamford too?

October seems oh-so-far-away right now.  But, in the recesses of my brain, I’m already thinking about it.  You see, Art Is You in Stamford, CT is in October!  I’ll be there teaching the classes below.  Will you be there too?

The top one with the people is called Four of a Kind.  Using vintage photograph copies of people, houses, and animals, we will create FOUR vibrant and expressive little works of art! We’ll then create the setting for our little group using pegboard, paints, paper, and wood.

The two page spread on the bottom left is my See Through You Journal.  We’ll use transparent sheets where we will drip, draw, paint, spray, and stamp to our hearts content. Our transparencies will fit into a special book journal where we can doodle and journal even more!  This is an exciting and fast paced medium to work in.  A great class for all skill levels!

The bicycle on the bottom right is from the Transformed Transfer class.  In this class we’ll use a fun and fast transfer technique to give us a foundation for our transformed transfer masterpiece. No drawing skills required!  We’ll use lots of mixed media techniques to complete our artwork PLUS you’ll be transforming an old frame into a new and fabulous setting to showcase your art.

I hope you’ll join me in Stamford in October.  The Art Is You Art retreats are so very special and transformative.  (And welcoming, colorful, eye-opening, life-changing!)  Come see for yourself! 🙂

The classes for Stamford will be listed in February 2016, so I’m sure I’ll post again then.  If you want to know more about the Art Is You retreats in the meantime… click right here –>

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