Finding My Style

Stitch Fix Review #2

In an attempt to continue finding my style without actually going shopping, I ordered my second Stitch Fix.  I had planned to post this right after my fix arrived, but I got sick, and then the house project remodel took over my life.


If you haven’t heard the details yet, here’s how it works:

  1. Either use my referral code link –> (this gives me a credit, so I’d love it and be very thankful to you if you use it) or go to
  2. You fill out a fun style profile about yourself and set your price limit preferences.
  3. You write a note to the stylist.  THIS PART IS IMPORTANT if you want to get what you like.
  4. You pay a $20 styling fee.  This fee is applied to whatever you buy in your fix.
  5. You can schedule your fixes whenever you want or you can have them delivered regularly.
  6. If you buy ALL the items in your fix, you get 25% off of the total order.

In my first fix, I asked the stylist to send stripes and polka dots.  This fix, I created a Pinterest board for my stylist to look at with Stitch Fix clothes that other people had posted that I liked.  I asked for a blazer, some distressed jeans, and more clothes that feel casual but still can look a little dressed up.

Here’s what was in my fix:  (Spoiler…I kept it all!)

Market & Spruce Kyle Striped French Terry Dress ($68 before discount)

I am in love with this dress.  The sleeves are long, and it feels like your favorite comfy sweatshirt.


I managed to fit the rest of my fix clothes into the photo below.

Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean ($78 before discount)

Skies are Blue Asa Blazer ($68 before discount)

Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top ($58 before discount)

This blazer.  I love this blazer. I have already worn the heck out of this blazer.  And the shirt.  And the jeans.  The jeans are a little baggy, so you may want to request a size smaller if you ask for these in your fix.

And that’s my fix!  The clothes are a little pricey for what I would normally buy, but I’ve been really happy with the quality, and I’m wearing them all the time.  AND, I didn’t have to go shopping!

(Side note:  You may be wondering where the purple-blue scarf in the box photo above disappeared to.  I decided to gift the scarf to a dear friend who looks great in the color.  I put a note in my fix checkout that this isn’t really a great color for me.)

Have questions?  I’m happy to answer.

Want to get your own fix?  Please use my referral link!  –>

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