Finding My Style

My First Stitch Fix “Review”

So pretty much everyone knows about Stitch Fix by now, right?  I mean, if something fashion-related has come to MY attention, it probably reached the rest of the world before me.

Before I ordered my first Stitch Fix box, I looked at quite a few reviews online. As I looked, I formed the opinion that it was a lot more fun to look at and read the review if the person tries on the clothes and shows the world versus just showing the clothes on hangers or a mannequin.

This morning, Harper and I got ready to go to school drop off, and for once, I got dressed.  In one of my new Stitch Fix shirts, no less.  I was feeling pretty fancy.  Hair done, makeup, a scarf and everything.  And then, I found out (much later than when it was announced by the school) that today is a snow day.  All dressed up with no where to go.

With all that effort, I decided that if the sun finally came out outside that I’d take photos of my first Stitch Fix clothes.  The sun came out, working on taxes was painful, so voila, a Stitch Fix photo session was born.  In a moment, perhaps you’ll decide that I should have stuck with the taxes.

Here’s what I found out about that whole picture taking thing:

  1. As a VERY amateur selfie taker, it is VERY DIFFICULT to take remotely decent photos of your whole outfit.  Holy crap, the lighting, the dirty mirror, the disaster behind you.
  2. And then, there’s the clothes changing.  I general throw on my standard clothes in the morning.  (Striped top, probably a cardigan, and yoga pants/jeans.)  Done.  I certainly don’t “style” my outfits, and I definitely didn’t “style” my Stitch Fix outfits as I tried them on.  Even then, the clothes changing/adjusting was exhausting.  (Obviously, I am a whiner when it comes to clothes.  Don’t even get my Mom started on what it took to take me clothes shopping when I was young.  I sucked.)
  3. Smiling (convincingly) at yourself in the mirror is odd.  I tried to imagine I was getting my picture taken by a friend.  Then that made me laugh because that seemed odd too.  “Hey friend, can you come over and take photos of me trying on multiple outfits?”  Odd.  I mean, I have great friends, but the well deserved heckling alone would have derailed this whole thing.
  4. I started this photo taking extravaganza with a tripod.  Setting up a tripod in your bedroom is odd.  Think about it.  Ok, please don’t.
  5. Did I mention that you have to clean?  Oh yeah, I think I mentioned that.  Any weird marks in the photos are crap on the mirror where my kid taped stuff.
  6. And I didn’t even try to take the cute “just out of the box” or “still in the box” clothes photo.  They were really cute all wrapped up in there too, darn it.  Maybe next time.
  7. And finally, I have a whole new appreciation for people who take the time to take and post photos of themselves wearing these outfits.  Especially if they ended up not liking the clothes.  I lucked out and was happy with everything in the Stitch Fix box.

So, after all that… here are the photos.  Heckle away.  I can take it.

What came in the box:

Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top

You can see this one in the two upper pictures.  I wasn’t sold on it at first because well, lace.  But it seems like a good layering piece.  I decided to try out the blanket scarf that my mother in law gave me for my birthday.  I’m half clueless on how to wear it “right”, but I made do. (Oh, and I didn’t even add “taking pictures in a mirror that are in focus doesn’t always work well for me to my list above.)

Loveappella Oliver Faux Leather Trim Striped Top

This is the one in the middle two pictures.  If you know me at all, well, this was love at first stripe-y sight.  Harper decided that plaid and stripes go together, so we gave that a go too.

Just Black Dolce Bootcut Jean

These are in the bottom four pictures.  Super comfortable because of the stretch denim, and I didn’t have any dark jeans like this.  Winner!

19 Cooper Blanchette Tie Neck Blouse

You probably can’t see this in the photo (bottom left), but there are adorable little polka dots on this see-through-y shirt.  I mentioned in my note to the stylist that I loved stripes and polka dots.  She really came through for me!

Market & Spruce Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan

This one is on the bottom right.  This one throws me off a little when I try it on because it’s blue instead of black.  Still cute though… I just have to find the right thing to wear under it.

That’s it.  I survived my first Stitch Fix photo shoot!  Whew!

If you made it this far and want to try Stitch Fix yourself (with or without your very own photo shoot), you can use this link if you’d like. (Referral Link that gives Shelly credit on another Stitch Fix box.)

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