If only….

If only…

… I could journal all the live-long day.  While watching videos, of course.  Currently watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.  I’ve been focused lately on getting some paint on the pages for backgrounds so this journal can take a little voyage with me.  Not too many pages left in this one, but fortunately, I have one more of these big journals left!


(Yes, I misspelled “too”.  And it’s fixed now.  This only bugs me because I usually spell without any effort.  Maybe I was so far in my right-brain that all spelling went out the window?  Maybe it’s because I gave up caffeine a few days ago?)

Shelly Massey Too Weird

…I were paid to reorganize my studio. I would be a bazillionaire.  I am still trying to merge all of my art stuff from everywhere else in the house into this one room.  There’s still a good-sized pile in the basement, and the closet is a mess, but it’s shaping up.  (Shaping up according to me, of course.  Anyone else would likely say I’m delusional.  I’m OK with that, I think.)


… I would finish this little house project.  There are about ten of them now.  They need roofs and some kind of finish on them.

10980168_10204812716271932_8451368796011726532_o 1614570_10204819368638237_392896056468428944_o

5 thoughts on “If only….

  1. If this double posts, I apologize…

    It looks fabulous! I wish I could stop by for a peek and a chat and to splash some paint around! xoxo!

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