Unnatural Disasters + A Miracle

It seems flippant to consider the things below “disasters” compared to the natural disasters happening in the country, but calling this post “Really Minor Things That Happened Around Here” seemed a bit dull.  So, on we go…

Thanks to a negligent air conditioner repairman who forgot to put the moisture sensor back in the drip pan in the attic, my little art closet went from this art closet:


To this no-art closet:


And now thanks to the air conditioner incident + a not really successful rearranging attempt + trying to get all the art stuff out of the basement, my art room looks like there was a real tornado in my house.


For some people, the next one wouldn’t be even close to a disaster. They might even be happy about it. For me, this might be the worst disaster of all.  Numbers… ewwwwww.


Then there was the “I’ll Solve This Bubblegum Disaster All By Myself” disaster.

And we can’t have all those disasters without at least one miracle.

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