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The Painting Pricing Plan


Several people have asked if I’m selling the flower series paintings (THANK YOU AGAIN!), so I had to sit down and work out some pricing.  After some research on different ways to price art, I decided on a square inch pricing with incremental increases plan.  Here’s how it will work:

Square Inch Pricing

I’ll be charging $0.50 per square inch (plus tax and shipping).  So a 12″ x 12″ painting has 144 square inches.  144 square inches times $0.50 = $72.00.

When I release the flower series, there will be paintings sized from 12″ x 12″ up to 36″ x 48″.  All paintings are on gallery style (1.5″ deep) canvases with painted sides that can be hung without framing.  Here’s a guide with the math already worked out (the prices below do not include shipping and taxes).

  • 12″ x 12″  $72.00
  • 12″ x 16″  $96.00
  • 18″ x 24″  $216.00
  • 30″ x 30″  $450.00 (the size of the painting above)
  • 30″ x 40″  $600.00
  • 36″ x 48″  $864.00

Incremental Increases

The plan at this time is that I will increase the square inch price by 10% every year in January.

And… (ready for this?)… There won’t be any sales/seasonal discounts.  Why?  I want to reward the people who invest in my artwork now, and not punish them later by lowering the price for people who buy later.  I’ve never understood the last minute sale price.  If I invest in someone’s project early, I don’t want to hear that the later-on or last minute people got a better price.

Questions?  Thoughts?

As an artist, do you have a way you price your art?  I’d love to hear!

As an art buyer, what are your thoughts on this method of pricing?

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