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A Special Project by Harper! SOLD OUT… THANK YOU!!!!

Harper created a special project, and she would love your help!

Back when I was making my little art zine, Harper wished (loudly and often) that she could make a zine too.  At the time, it just wasn’t possible.

The other day, she drew an activity book for me to complete for fun.  I asked her, “What if we made copies of the activity book to sell?”

But then Harper wondered… Could we use her book somehow to raise money for kids who need help?  So, a special project was born…. Harper’s Super Fun Activity Book!

Harpers Fun Activity Book Front CoverIMG_4520

Here’s where we need your help!  For the low price of $5, Harper will mail you your very own Super Fun Activity Book!  There are eight cute little activities inside.  Your $5 will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House charity – Harper’s choice for giving all of the proceeds from the book.  AND, for each book sold, Harper is going to donate a copy of her Super Fun Activity Book to the Dayton Children’s Hospital with a little pack of crayons to keep other kids busy too!

We created 50 copies of this book to sell to raise money for the donation, and we created 50 copies of the book to donate to the hospital.  We’re covering the costs of creating the book, fees and the shipping, so we hope to donate the full total of your purchases of $250.  (If all the books don’t sell, we are still going to donate the money raised and the books.)

Will you help us please?

To purchase a book, select the PayPal button below and follow the usual PayPal directions.
SOLD OUT! Thank you so much for supporting Harper’s project!!!!

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