Four Days in an RV

With these two…


Harper wanted to help plan an RV trip this summer for her and Daddy.  They were kind enough to drag me along because someone has to cook and clean, right?

Her first plan was to take an RV trip to Hawaii.  We thought she understood geography, but well, I guess she needs a bit more study.  So after explaining about oceans and/or the cost of a trip to Hawaii, we asked her where she wanted to go instead.  The answer….. Kentucky.  Well, all right then.  Kentucky it is.  She and Doug drew a map, planned out the stops, booked an RV rental and campsites, so this past weekend, off we went to Kentucky.

One driver. Check.IMG_0954
One kid with plenty of entertainment including two brand new books. Check.IMG_0952
One traffic jam before we even got to Cincinnati. Check.
One nap on the way. Check.
We try to take the scenic route when we RV, so we lunched by the Kentucky River in Kentucky’s capital city, Frankfort. Harper chatted with the two men fishing on the dock about their catches. (Two catfish so far, fishing for bluegill too.)  Please excuse the dorky selfie faces.  We’re amateurs.

Evidently I didn’t take photos of our arrival at the campsite.  Probably because we were tired and didn’t arrive until around 5:30 PM or so.  The next day we headed to the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green to ride a boat in a cave.

Here they are before the boat ride.


They also had a cool nature playground and lots of short trails.  We took a quarter mile trail to a butterfly habitat.


We headed back to camp, and I sent Daddy with Harper to the waterpark.


We all know what that means for me… ART journaling time!  WOOHOO!!


They came back worn out.  That’s where I got the picture at the beginning of this post.  Sillies.

Coming soon… Part two of the Kentucky trip – Mammoth Cave!

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